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Ensign PTA

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Please join us on the second Wednesday of each month from 11:00 am - 12:30 pm in the Ensign library. Everyone is welcome to attend!

For more information please visit the Ensign PTA page.

  • Dena Baron, President
  • Mike Sciacca, Principal
  • Michelle Beckman, Auditor
  • Tiffany Holden, Financial Secretary
  • Connie Coatsworth, Reflections
  • Elizabeth Stake, Treasurer
  • Debbie Suddarth, Historian
  • Tish Hoch, Fundraising/Ways & Means
  • Kim Keirstead, Membership
  • Wendy Maddocks, Executive Vice President
  • Stacey Christensen, Programs
  • Heather Hansberger, Corresponding Secretary